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psmThis module allows you to easily display a nice message for guests and/or members in a floating window.
It can be an invite, an advertisement or whatever you may see fit, in plain text or HTML. Display promotions, use your favorite plugin inside your message, amaze your visitors. You can include pictures, flash files and even YouTube movies.


This player is magic. Magic in so many ways that you won't find a better mp3 player for Joomla.
With Pro Magic Player you can have UNLIMITED play lists with UNLIMITED number of files. The configuration is simple and fast, the play list is AUTO GENERATED and ready to serve music to your visitors from the moment they access your page.



Bring your Joomla site to life! Who likes to see a static page?
ProJoom Multi Rotator module will animate your website and please the user with a bit more motion.
Rotate banners and get more clients or rotate simple pictures, this is the choice for another cool add on to complete your nice page.



This is not another flash header! It's a smart, slick and easy to configure header, picture rotator, banner, you name it. Adjustable for any size, this extension is loaded with smart settings to play with, motion blur effect and intelligent rotator based on the length of description. You don't have to adjust the time each picture will change. Smart Flash Header will do it for you.

Smart Flash Header just got smarter!



NEW and revamped, this is the nicest image-flow ever made for Joomla!. The extension has been rewritten from scratch to match your taste. New options were added to make it powerful but simple to use.
Whether you want to show off your pictures in a smart way or to present your team, friends or products, this extension will drive attention to anyone entering your site.



Its innovative way of displaying images, sliding titles and descriptions will make you forget about boring and simple headers. This extension can be used as slide show, product description, mini album, banner rotator or like an animated header.

So, what's so super about it?

You can style almost any aspect of this module, change colors, font size, set links, target etc.


npcThe perfect choice for any Joomla! site, this module is powerful, flexible and slick. Loaded with more than 80 options, this gem is customizable in almost any aspect. Tweaking its look and feel is very easy, using your template as a background or a picture of your choice.



Fancy, fresh and ready to spin your images, this extension is loaded with a lot of options.
You can set a caption for every image, make it glow, rotate or zoom.
Each picture can hold its own web address and can open the link to one of your other page or to some other site.

pdsA module to show the world your images in a very fancy way. Use it as a slide show, image rotator, products presentation. Even it's flash powered it can execute JavaScript commands, link your images to any page or site you want, open up popups and more.
Images are auto resized based on your settings, the titles can also be styled with a font, custom color and can handle UTF-8 characters.


Once you’ve set up your Joomla site you’ll need a hosting plan. We recommend using a host that supports Joomla 3.5 and 1-click installation a specialist Joomla hosting site provides review and ratings of the best Joomla hosts such as

100% Working - 100% Guaranteed

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