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Pro Ultra Spinner

This product is compatible with Joomla 1.5 - Joomla 2.5
Description: Crisp, clean, and professional. Pro Ultra Spinner is ready to add some spin your images. This Joomla extension is loaded with tons of options. You can set a caption for every image, make it glow, rotate or zoom. Perfect for product presentation or a 3D menu.

Each picture can contain its own web address, allowing them to link to other pages within your website, or external webpages. With the perspective, focus and radius options you can enhance your spinner with a stylistic 3D look.

This component is a new add-on which will make the management as easy as 1,2,3. You are now in control of what you spin and what the order of the slides is, along with the ability to quickly add and remove slides. New buttons were added to simple select an image or a link to an article. It can also read images from a folder. Just point to the directory where you have stored your images and save.

Batch upload images with one click, create unlimited slides and sort them by categories. You have full controll over your content. Link each image to another page, another link or even an article!

Among many features this product has, JoomFish support is also available.

Yes, you can also publish as many instances on a single page or aross your website, each with its own content!

Please the eyes of your customers and visitors by adding a professional look and feel to your website.