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ProJoom Deluxe Show

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This product is compatible with Joomla 1.5 - Joomla 2.5
logo_pdsDescription: A module to show the world your images in a very fancy way. Use it as a slide show, image rotator, products presentation.

Even it's flash powered it can link your images to any page or site you want, open up popups and more.

New version! The latest version comes with 5 lightbox engines support!

Images are auto resized based on your settings, the titles can also be styled with a font, custom color and can handle UTF-8 characters. You can add transitions, set the blur amount, border width, corner radius, and so on. The component will speed the process of adding images, sort them by categories. The batch uploader is also a new handy addon.

You can now tweak the transition speed and choose from a list of 10 effects. To make it even easier to work with, we've added the "read from folder" option. Point to a folder with pictures from your Joomla! site and save. Instant show!

Browsing the slides is a delight with ProJoom Deluxe Show. Adaptable to almost any width, this module will bring some style in your Joomla.

Worried about settings? Our documentation is on video. No endless reading, just watch and learn.