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Pro Image Flow

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This product is compatible with Joomla 1.5 - Joomla 2.5 - Joomla 3.0

logo_pifDescription:NEW and revamped, Pro Image Flow is one of the best flow-like package ever made for Joomla! The extension has been rewritten from scratch to match your taste and needs. New options were added to make it powerful, yet simple to use. Whether you want to show off your pictures to your friends in style, or present your ideas and products to your production team and potential customers professionally, this extension will drive attention to anyone entering your site.

New version! The latest version comes with 4 lightbox engines support!

It can be used anywhere on your site, in separate configurations, and supports management of UNLIMITED pictures. Pictures can be auto resized, and it supports landscape and portrait pictures of any size. It can link each image to a different page or website, in a new window or the same window.

You can manage your pictures simply by using the component. Create categories, add images, sort them the way you want. To simplify things even further, we've added support for images from folders. Just point to a folder and you have an instant flow! Its as simple as that! Tweaking its settings is also easy. From changing the angle to adding motion blur, you have total control. You can set the starting picture, add blur, or set the distance. Almost everything can be adjusted.

The images can be browsed manually (either using the mouse wheel or the keyboard arrows) or you can set it to automatic.


Pro Image Flow is certainly awesome software, there are however other image types critical for security. For instance, pictures obtained via CCTV security cameras, able to be viewed from a computer or laptop all with the click of a mouse and keyboard! For more information, visit this website's available CCTV information.
Main Features
  • resizable flow/gallery/slideshow
  • unlimited instances / page
  • easy management
  • management component with image preview
  • batch uploader
  • 3 modes of operation (module/component/folder)
  • 4 lightbox engines
  • many custom control options
  • language support and JoomFish! integration
  • 100% compatible with any template or 3rd party extension
plugin modulecomponent

Pro Image Flow vs. other similar commercial/free extensions
Feature Pro Image Flow
Other extensions
Management component


Unlimited slides, with category management, easy selection and fast preview.


You're limited to a few images, must fill paths manually.

Unique link / image


Yes, each link with its own description, link and target.


Batch image uploader


Yes, you can upload many images at once.


Must upload images one by one

Contains a plugin


Yes, with multiple uses. Can be added to any article.


Multiple instances


Yes, unlimited instances / page or across the website, each with different content.


Only once instance.

Images from a folder


Yes, it can automatically gather all images from a folder you specify.


Resize function


Yes, it can resize all images to fit inside the container.


You must resize images before use.

Date scheduling


Yes, you can schedule up to 5 categories by date.


Lightbox support


Yes, 4 lightbox engines.


Link to articles


Yes, you can link each image to an article.

You can also open the selcted article inside a lightbox window!


You must copy/paste the link.

JoomFish! support


Yes, you can translate description to any language.

More, you can have different images based on selected language!


Most extensions are module based only

and text content can't be translated.

Free support


Support questions are answered most of the time in less than 1 hour, and it's FREE!


Update notification


You're always notified when a new version is available.


XHTML Validation


Yes, our code passes XHTML validation.


Unlimited use


Yes, unlimited use.


Backend screenshot



What's included?

The extension is composed from a component, a module and a plugin.

Is the background transparent or white?

The background is transparent. You can have any image or color behind the Image Flow.

Where can I find documentation?

Once purchased you will have access to the video documentation.

Will this product work on an iPhone/iPad?

The engine of this product is based on flash but a javascript version will be available soon.

How do I get support?

If you have a problem or you need more information, use the SUPPORT link from the upper menu on this page.
GNU General Public License


Validated XHTML 1.0

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional

100% compatible
All Browser Support

100% Working - 100% Guaranteed