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Pro Magic Audio Player

This product is compatible with Joomla 1.5 - Joomla 2.5 - Joomla 3.0
logo_pmapDescription: This player is magic. Magic in so many ways that you won't find a better mp3 player for Joomla.

With Pro Magic Player you can have UNLIMITED play lists with UNLIMITED number of tracks. The configuration is simple and fast, the play list is AUTO GENERATED and ready to serve music to your visitors from the moment they access your page. This player is so magic that it can be used ANYWHERE in your template. Is your space too narrow? This player can fit in there! Working with expanded list or in compact mode makes it accessible to any Joomla user.

Want more? This magic player can do a lot more. You've asked, we've listened and each new feature has been added based on your feedback.

It can play your music from ANY folder and more than that, the play list won't cache in your visitors browser. You can add as many players as you want on your website or inside articles, each with its own play list, colors and settings!

You are now able to upload, manage and EVEN delete your mp3 files straight from the front end! You can also choose the target directory or set a default folder in your back end configuration screen.

5 schedule slots have been added you can schedule by date up to 5 play lists.


With the added support for IDTags you don't have to worry about filenames anymore. Folder recursion is also a new feature to help you manage your play lists better.

Because you like this player and because of so many requests and suggestions,
Pro Magic Player has a little brother, the plugin. From now on, you can use the Pro Magic Player plugin or module to open the player as a pop-up or to render the player in place.
No need to worry about people having problems listening to your tunes while browsing your nice site.

The latest version brings you the HTML5 version (check this page on a mobile device to see it in action) and the power of customization. You can now perfectly match all the colors and style in your template and more.

Demo :

You can scroll inside the play list. Try it! :)

Multiple instances, many colors!

Pop-up Demo

Please click one of the below buttons to open the player in a pop-up window


Click Click Click ClickClick

You can include one or more pop-up players in articles with a simple code and control each player independently (options, tracks, look).

Main Features
  • NEW! HTML5 player with play list and multiple instances on a single page or across the website!
  • NEW! Amazon S3 and Dropbox support!
  • NEW! You can allow files to be downloaded by guests or registered users (HTML5 / local files)
  • NEW! - compatible with Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0
  • front end uploader with file browser (upload, manage, delete the audio files straight from the front end)
  • instant play list (you can now use a single file too)
  • unlimited instances / page or across the site
  • mp3 ID Tag v1 and v2 support for all your language needs
  • scheduled play lists by date
  • Folder recursion (play audio files from subfolders)
  • 7 pre-built skins + custom theme support
  • theme customization with 75 options!
  • color picker for sharp theme matching colors
  • 9 sorting options!
  • pop-up player option for continuous play
  • support for ANY size
  • jingle / audio ad / sticky file support
  • 2 modes of operation (module/plugin)
  • easy to embed in articles
  • many control options
  • compatible with PHP 7.x !
  • 100% compatible with any template or extension
plugin module
Version / Changelog
Version 3.5.2 (3 March 2017)
* Layout changes and settings reorganized
* Dropbox feature updated to reflect the latest changes of Dropbox service (mandatory update if you use the Dropbox feature)
* Amazon S3 feature updated (playlist issue on HTML5 engine)
* HTML5 updated to support latest jQuery version/div>
! various fixes
Backend screenshot
Pro Magic Audio Player

What's included?

The extension is composed from a plugin and a module.

Can it handle multi language files?

Yes, with the latest IDTag addition can handle UTF-8 names.

The player will start from the beginning if I refresh / change the page?

Yes. You will have to use the pop-up version of the player to have a continuous play.

Where can I find documentation?

Once purchased you will have accessto the video documentation.

How do I get support?

If you have a problem or you need more information, use the SUPPORT link from the upper menu on this page.
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