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Banners will not rotate on some browsers Banners will not rotate on some browsers

Suddenly, your banners will not load or rotate properly on some browsers.

Problem : Adobe launched a new update for the Flash Player on 11/06/2012 which affected the normal operation of the product. This is NOT a flaw in our code.
If you've upgraded the Flash Player for your browser/system and the version is now 11.5.502.110 or higher, Multi Rotator will not rotate image banners.
Versions affected : ALL (except the JavaScript engine for mobile devices)
Browsers affected : Chrome, Firefox

Solution : We've issued a fix 11/09/2012. Please install the latest version of Multi Rotator (v3.0.1 or newer)

Note : We will not send the updates by email, please don't ask! You will have to update the product using the steps from your account. More information here.



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Banners will not rotate on some browsers Article Information

Wednesday, 21 November 2012
Last Modified:
Wednesday, 21 November 2012

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