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ID3 Tags and its advantages ID3 Tags and its advantages

Why should I use ID3 Tags for my audio files?

If you don't know what  ID3 Tags are, read here.

The main advantage of using ID3 Tags is language support. Instead of using special characters to name your files, write the details of the song inside the ID3 Tag.

Problem : Björk - Jóga.mp3 might cause problems if stored on your server as a file because it contains UTF characters.
Many browsers will not be able to read the file or corrupt the path.
Solution : Use a file name like Bjork - Joga.mp3 and write the name and title inside the ID3 v2 Tag. The player will be able to read the file and the display will look like Björk - Jóga.

Note : UTF-8 Support is available only for ID3 v2 Tag. We recommend you should clear all the ID3 v1 tags from your files.

Looking for a free ID3 Tag editor? Click here.

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Monday, 18 October 2010
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Monday, 18 October 2010

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